Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Tanner seemed to be getting over the illness that hit him last week but woke up this morning without a voice and feeling a lot worse.

We went to his doctor's appointment a 1 p.m. today and Dr. Albritton didn't like the way his chest sounded (or the fact that he was coughing up blood) so she had them give him a breathing treatment and then sent us upstairs so that he could have a
 chest x-ray.

She said that the x-ray didn't show pneumonia yet but that he has a bronchitis-flu thing and she prescribed a Z-Pak for him.

Her nurse told us that they lost two patients last year to the flu (one who had already completed chemo and was cancer free) so we needed to be really careful of Tanner's immune system.  They explained to him why it's so important for him to take his antibiotics every day like he's suppose to.

She told us if he isn't better, or if he gets worse, in the next 48 hours he needs to come back in to the office before this weekend.  She also said that they couldn't do his blood work today because the results wouldn't reflect accurately with him so sick.

She also talked to me about the insurance and hopes that the reason the tests are being denied by Medicaid is a "wording" issue with the way they are being submitted and that she's going to see what her insurance department can do - but that the tests will probably have to be done in Texas.  I told her at this point, I just want the tests done.  I don't care in which state they occur.

We crucify ourselves between two thieves: regret for yesterday and fear of tomorrow. ~Fulton Oursler

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