Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the Real World...

Thinking, thinking, thinking... and not sleeping...

We all have dreams.  I had dreams for my life.  Tanner had dreams for his life.  Cancer intruded...

Harsh reality faces us every day and we continue to make our way the best that we can.  Sometimes our world goes astray and we have to rearrange our plans, our expectations, our dreams... and we go on.

In dreams we do so many things
We set aside the rules we know
And fly above the world so high
In great and shining rings

If only we could always live in dreams
If only we could make of life
What, in dreams, it seems

But in the real world
We must say real goodbyes
No matter if the love will live
It will never die

In the real world
There are things we can't change
And endings come to us
In ways that we can't rearrange...

In the Real World - Roy Orbison

1 comment:

  1. Angie: Amazing how our lives take a sudden turn. I often wake up, hoping that it's all been a bad dream.

    Hoping that both of you have a good day....enjoy the sun, and the warmth.