Saturday, May 1, 2010

We made a blazing fast trip to Arkansas. Drove up Thursday afternoon and came back Friday afternoon. To say that I'm a little tired is an understatement.

We stayed with Aunt Tincey this trip and had a wonderful time with them. One good thing that has come from all these trips to Arkansas is that we've gotten to see her, Julie, and the kids more than ever before.

Now we have Dr. Nicholas and Dr. Barlogie on different schedules. Dr. B wants us to come back for restaging tests at the end of May and Dr. Nicholas wants us back on July 2nd. Whew...

Dr. Nicholas said the leg is still healing and will definitely not require surgery. He wanted to put him back in another full leg cast with a hinge but I told him that if he did, it would have to come off in May when we come back for the tests (because metal can't go in the machines for the PET and CAT scans).

He decided to just leave the cast completely off and put him in a full leg brace instead. They are still warning him that the leg needs to be completely non-weight bearing. He can remove the brace and shower or bathe now and we hadn't been home 10 minutes before he was in the tub soaking that leg. It hadn't see water in 10 months!

The doctor told him he might be tempted to sleep without the brace but to be sure to only take it off to wash and keep it on all other times.

Tanner told me yesterdy and this morning that he's already a little sore from the leg not being supported and moving around more.

The idea of the brace is so that he can start exercising his leg and ankle on his own by just simply moving it back and forth. After the cast was removed, he couldn't bend his knee without reaching down with his hand and moving it manually.

I'm excited for him to have achieved the progress of having the cast removed, but at the same time, worry about there not being support and the fear that he will put his leg down and bear weight without thinking about it.

He and Trevor left this morning to go out to Clyde with their dad. They are going out to the motorcross race at their grandfather's land.

Dirt, rocks, and hills and my baby son on crutches without a cast. Sigh....

I'm sure it will be all good and I know he's being very careful. A mother just worries.

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