Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tanner seems to have turned back into a normal teenager; meaning I see very little of him lately what with all of his running around with friends - and yet another girlfriend...

I asked him the other day if I was ever going to see him again, and he said "how about lunch and a movie this weekend". It seems I have to make a date to spend some time with my boys these days!

Considering where we were at and what we were thinking ten months ago, this is good! I'm so glad to see him acting like any other teenager.

His leg became REALLY swollen once they took the cast off and put him in the brace. I've had him start keeping it propped up above his heart whenever he's just around the house and the swelling looks a lot better. It looked so bad there at first, I was really worried. In Tanner's words I was "freaking out".

We met with the Make a Wish Foundation people and Tanner is busy planning his "wish". Hopefully this will work out so that he can have some wonderful wish fulfilled.

All in all, he seems to be doing so well. I'm the one who seems to continue to have some struggles. He's gone on with his life and I'm still floundering around trying to find my way to live life as if everything is "normal". But then again, I don't talk to Tanner about the days that I struggle so I'm sure he struggles and has bad days too and we just don't talk to each other about those issues.

It's nothing as bad as it was months ago. It's just sometimes hard for me to find my footing. Tanner is 18 years old, has graduated from high school and is ready to get on with his life. I just need to learn to let him go - and find a way to build a fulfilling life of my own and put my worry aside (as much as I can).

Well, break is over so I'd better get back to work. Thank's for always being there for me when I need someone to talk to. LOL!

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