Monday, May 17, 2010

Loss of a friend

Tanner seems to be doing well (the curly headed little boy in the picture is Tanner). We went this morning for his weekly maintenance chemo treatment and saw Dr. Davis. He told me if anything was changing for Tanner it would most likeley show up in his labwork - or he wouldn't be feeling as well as he does. For those reasons, he expects all of the tests next week in Arkansas to come back normal.

We will head back up to Little Rock on Sunday and will have tests done Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

These trips seem to keep getting longer each time...

One of Tanner and Trevor's friends (the dark haired boy in the picture) died yesterday morning and the boys are really struggling with their shock and grief right now.

Hunter and Trevor were the best of friends all the way through Primary and up into Junior High School. Hunter use to spend most of his weekends with us and Tanner has known him his whole life. He had come back into our lives the last several years and was there for Trevor and Kelsey when Beckett was born.

We all loved him very much and he will be greatly missed.

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