Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back from Arkansas Once Again

Great news!! Dr. Barlogie said that many of Tanner's lesions are either reduced or resolved.

The Radiologist said that the lesion in the right femur still shows some cancerous activity but when they pulled up the images the bone marrow in that area looked almost the same as the marrow throughout Tanner's body so they are telling us to not worry.

They explained that it was quite large to start with and is just taking longer to resolve than the others.

Of course, this mom just wants to hear that there is no activty at all in his body but Tanner was quite excited by the news and said he's not worried about that one lone lesion.

He told Dr. Barlogie he just had one more important question and then proceeded to ask if he could get a tattoo. Of course I was sitting there shaking my head no but Dr. B told him yes he could have one. Tanner told him he just wanted to be sure because "his mom" had told him he shouldn't have one as long as he's on any chemo meds. Dr. B told him then he just hadn't asked the right person and of course he could get one if he wanted.

Oh the things an 18 year old can do without his mom's permission...

I'm sure it's the exhaustion of the trip catching up with me, but I've been crying off and on all day today. Sometimes everything still just catches up with me and it breaks my heart that Tanner has this dreadful disease and will have to deal with all of this for the rest of his life.

It's a good thing this is a long holiday weekend. I think I need the rest.

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  1. GREAT NEWS!!! Hopefully, Tanner will now start looking towards his future and get education/training in a career that will enable him to be an independent person. I pray that he will continue to heal and become stronger each day. Pray also that Trevor will get the training he will need to also beocme an independent person with a stable life. I love these boys. God loves them too.
    Granny and Pop