Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm a bad, bad blogger! I'm sorry I've let so much time go between updates. Every time I do this, I tell myself I won't wait so long to update again and the next thing I know another week has gone by. Oh well...

We are just clicking along and everything seems to be going fine. Tanner has been feeling good and is spending lots of time with his friends.

We go every week for his maintenance chemo and it's usually a 3-4 hour appointment with most of the time spent waiting. They don't order the chemo meds until they see the labwork reports so we wait on the results of the lab tests, then they order the medicines, then we wait for them to mix the medications, and then finally they push them through the IV (which actually takes about 10 minutes).

Oh well, if nothing else this past year has taught us patience.

Tanner has another new girlfriend. Last night he went to her house for a while and I texted just to check on him (a mother's duty I would think?) and he answered me and told me everything was "all good" and then he went on to tell me "I really like this girl mom". (It's a good thing he doesn't read this blog - LOL! He would kill me!!).

Those sorts of comments affect my heart on so many levels. I'm so glad he's having an opportunity to meet girls and socialize. When we first got the news that he had cancer last year, for a while there it didn't look like he was going to have many chances to date.

Now, after a year of treatment in Little Rock, he has an unlimited future to meet the girl of his dreams.

Now, he's 18 years old and to tell you the truth, he's been acting like one! He and I had a serious talk this week about the fact that I know that he wants to be just like all the other teenagers but how he has a serious disease and has to take care of himself. How he needs to be responsible for taking his medications like he should - and occasionally getting some sleep! We discussed how "communication" is vital in him being allowed to have the freedom he desires.

Last night he told me he knew he could be a "good and better person" and that he just got "a lil off track with being 18".

From all of that, you can probably ascertain that we've had a few issues lately. After turning 18, for a while there, he thought he could come and go as he saw fit without discussing things with his mom. Now I think we are back on track. The boy definitely knows how to talk to his mom and tell me what I need to hear. LOL!

Truly though, he's a good sweet young man and I couldn't be more proud of him. The reason I even mention the "18 year old" issues is that I'm glad we are back to dealing with normal "teenage" stuff rather than cancer, chemo, and stem cell transplants.

I'm glad he's having fun and meeting new people, but on the other hand, I worry about him getting his heart broken. I'm not so old I can't remember the angst and heartache of young love. I just watch my "kids" and wish I could spare them from any pain.

I know, I know! Heartache is part of life, part of growing and maturing, but I'm a mom. What can I say? It's my job to worry about my children.

I love my boys and am so thankful that they seem to be on the right track at this time in their lives.

Motherhood! Who knew when I had those sweet baby boys all those years ago how much pride, pain, fun, heartache, joy, worry, laughter, tears, excitement, sleepless nights, and love they would bring into my life??

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  1. MY BOYS............I am so proud of all of them.