Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A celebration

We had Tanner's high school graduation party this Sunday and everything went great! I'm so grateful to those family and friends who took time out of their schedules to attend. I know that it meant the world to Tanner.

His dad took him to his weekly maintenance chemo appointment this morning and Tanner tells me that everything is moving along as normal.

I wrote a letter to the Department of Insurance asking for their assistance in getting the insurance company to reconsider their decision to deny coverage for Tanner's chemo treatments and when I sent it out, I copied several politicians on the packet.

I have received two letters from Congressman Joe Barton's office and they are interceding on Tanner's behalf with the DOI. I haven't personally received any replies from the Dept of Insurance but Congressman Barton's office has copied me on the replies that they have received so far.

Hopefully, with the congressman's help, we will finally get some coverage for Tanner's treatment. I can only hope.

Again, thanks to all of you who came to Tanner's celebration. It was very much appreciated!

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  1. What a pleasure this day was. I really really love Trevor and Tanner. Grandchildren are special. So glad we could celebrate Tanner's graduation....look forward to celebrating when he gets through college.
    Granny and Pop