Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Sunday and I'm at the office about to post commissions. Thought I would take a few minutes and update the Blog before I get started.

Tanner has spent the weekend out in Weatherford. We've texted several times and he seems to be having fun.

Tomorrow morning is chemo again at 8:30. That always takes at least a half a day.

We head back to Arkansas on Thursday and will see about his broken leg on Friday. I hope that he gets out of the full leg cast. Even a short cast would be better than that one up to his thigh.

I'm going to confirm with the Orthopedic Oncologist that's it's okay for him to start taking his bone strengtheners and if it is, he will have a month that he can take them before we head back to Arkansas for his re-staging tests.

Trevor said that if he doesn't have to work, he wants to go to Arkansas with us. He just wants to see with his own eyes some of what Tanner has had to endure this last year. He worked all last week and it looks like he's going to be working this week also, so I'm thinking it's more important for him to get the work while it's available. Sounds like a mom doesn't it?

I had a physical last week and all the lab work has come back normal so the doctor said he thinks I'm completely healthy. That's reassuring to hear since I hadn't had a check up in five years.

The only thing I seem to be having problems with is my moodiness. Dr. Barlogie's office prescribed antidepressants for me and every time I try to stop taking them, within two to three days, I'm completely depressed and teary. I think maybe I'm just going to have to wean myself off of them rather than just stopping all at once.

We are going to see what Dr. Nicholas has to say about the cast this coming Friday and then I think it's time to proceed with the college classes. Whether it's taking online classes or going to the school, I think it's time for Tanner to move on with his education. I would think only so much video gaming is good for a young man...


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  2. Hi Angie, fellow caregiver from LR here. Saw you two in 7C from time to time, but never an opportunity to have a chat. Anyway, if you would like a little help coming off the anti-depressants with a vitamin regimen, would be happy to share it with you. Not a doc, but just years of reading and helping others. I'm happy that things have been going well for Tanner and hopeful that he will get his cast off. What a journey MM is for all of us.
    Best, Lori