Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tanner and I head back to Arkansas next Thursday to check and see how the break in his left tibia is doing.

We keep saying that we are going to see if he can go into a short cast or maybe even a boot. After being in a long cast for nine months, we aren't even considering that he might have to continue any longer in a full leg cast.

He's been working out with his brother and drinking protein drinks trying to get into shape. I told him after nine months in a long cast, he's going to be all pumped up and then have a little skinny left leg. LOL!

He's doing really well and continues to have a wonderful attitude. He's going every Monday for his chemo maintenance but isn't having any side effects.

His hair came back in with this really neat silver tint and everyone just loved the way it looked. Today he texted me that he's cut his hair really short and now it's all brown again. Of course, he's happy about that but I thought his hair looked really good with the silver looking streaks.

Neither of us are looking forward to a fast trip back to Little Rock next week, but we are both anxious for him to get a new cast.

He's been having to put masking tape around this cast because he's worn a hole in the bottom. Just wait till the doctor sees the home patch job!

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