Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a Trip, Isn't It?

I took Tanner to see the Orthopedic Surgeon in Dallas today for another follow up.  He says that the x-rays look good but that Tanner has bursitis in his right hip where they did surgery and that it should resolve itself over the next few weeks or months.  If not they can inject the hip to help ease some of the discomfort.  Tanner told him he would just wait and see if it works itself out.

We were driving home and his head was bobbing around (as usual, he fell asleep on the car trip back from Dallas) and when I stopped at a red light, he roused and put his head over towards my shoulder.  I layed my cheek on top of his head and he said, "It's a trip isn't it"?  I asked him if he meant the drive back and forth from Dallas, and he said "No...  That I have cancer."

My heart ached... and has continued to ache all day.

Of course, I did the "mom thing" and talked to him about living every moment to the fullest... that we never expected something like this to happen to us... that life should be lived every day for all it's worth (some advice I really need to heed for myself) and not in darkness and sorrow...  but all day I've just felt like crying.

"It's a trip, isn't it?"

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