Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here we go

Tanner spent the night with Granny Jane and Pop Jerry last night and I'm about to leave and go pick him up.

He seems to be doing well - and liking school so far.  He had a math test on Thursday and told me that he thought he understood it all and did well.  He actually seemed pretty excited. Hopefully, he will continue to do well as the school year proceeds.

I had a talk with him and his new girlfriend (Cearra) one night this last week and expressed to them how very important it is for him to concentrate on school as much as he can so that he can focus on a future career that will support him with his medical condition and the limitations of his bones.

He says he's 19 and has never had a "real relationship" and that "it's time" - I told him right when he's starting college is actually maybe not the "right time" but, hey, what can you do?  You can't control love, now can you?

I just thought it was a good idea to sit them both down and talk to them together about the importance of school - and him taking care of himself.

I had another one of those nights.  I think I might have gotten about two hours sleep and I'm so exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally...  Sometimes, I wonder who I am to give Tanner advice... but what do you do?  You're "mother" and you keep talking and you hope some of the things you say sink through... You hope that sometimes - no you hope always - that your children succeed and make better decisions than even their parents.  It's just hard to be 19 - and all that entails - and have cancer too...

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