Monday, April 18, 2011

An Unforseen Result

Well Dr. Barlogie didn't like what he saw on some of the reports from testing done in Fort Worth.  He said it could be nothing -- maybe just the difference of the Radiologist in Fort Worth not being familiar with Multiple Myeloma -- but they want to re-do his tests here in Little Rock.

So.... we are staying a few more days and they are going to do some more tests and we'll see Dr. Barlogie again on Wednesday or Thursday.

The PET scan in the morning is at 5:30 we splurged on a hotel room near the hospital and I think we are going to settle in for the night.

Needless to say, the day didn't go as we envisioned...


  1. Angie: Praying, praying, praying....and sending good thoughts, and hugs your way for good tests results in LR.

    Stay strong.....


  2. Angie: What is the name of the insurance company that denied payment of Tanner's treatment?

    This is so absolutely ridiculous!!

  3. Thank you Sarah. The insurance company that denied Tanner's chemo coverage was US Health and Life.

  4. Gonna' do some checking.....

    Have you tried any letter writing campaigns to your congressman, etc.?

  5. Angie: Send me an email

    I need your email address. I have some questions.