Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well, we have a "light" day today with just one test - and it's not until 1:00 p.m. so Tanner has an opportunity to sleep in. We've had to get up between 5:00-6:00 a.m. so he's taking advantage of this opportunity to get some sleep.

Of course, as soon as my eyes opened this morning, that was it for me. I couldn't shut my brain down and go back to sleep. I've already gone to WalMart this morning while Tanner was still snoozing and got some of the necessities we are going to need since we didn't plan on being here indefinitely.

Donna and Kirk have both offered to go by my house and pack up some more clothes and stuff for us and bring it to us here in Little Rock this weekend. Our family and friends have been just amazing. Barbara - thanks for what you have done for us this week!

I logged on bright and early this morning and Bruce (my boss/friend) tried immediately to video call me. I answered the call without video and told him there was no way he was seeing me on video at 7:00 a.m.! LOL!! I look bad enough after a day at the hospital, but it's much worse first thing out of bed in the morning...

Bruce is a planner and he's ready to "fix" all of this. They are going to set me up so that I can do most of my job remotely here in Arkansas and once Tanner is on a regime and I can leave him, his step-mom, dad, grandmother, and I can all take turns being with him and I should be able to come home at least two or three days a week and actually go into the office and also check on my house. Bruce and Pat are both going above and beyond what anyone could expect from an employer - and keep telling me they are not just my bosses but are my friends. Tanner is learning a good life lesson from them and has been enjoying skyping with Bruce.

Alicia (a friend I work with) and her daughter-in-law Carla (thank you Carla for the Lance Armstrong book, I'm half way through with it), have found a wonderful new home for our dog Trixie. She sent us a great photo of Trixie all cleaned up and with a beautiful bandana around her neck. Now Tanner doesn't have to worry about Trixie being alone in our back yard and who will take care of her for us while we are away. Thank you Alicia for that peace of mind!

Tanner's step-mom Janet has been here with us all week and his dad flew in Tuesday night after he got some work finished on his job. The dog Tanner is with in the picture in his post is their bulldog Max. We are all here with Tanner and between all of us and some more of our family and friends, I feel confident that we will get Tanner through this.

I know that some people have questions about why they want to do Tanner's treatment here in Little Rock and don't send him home for the stem cell transplants (we love you too Julie!) and I don't know all of it yet since we haven't actually seen the doctor (that happens Friday afternoon) but the only cancer they treat here is myeloma. They give their patients some medication that causes their bones to grow which in turn causes them to start creating new stem cells. They then go in and take out the new "baby" cells and will then melt all the bad cells and replace them with his own new healthy cells. That way they don't have to look for "matches" and Tanner can provide his own marrow for transplantation. They have had wonderful results with this process and we have talked with many of the patients who have underdone this treatment and are leading healthy lives now.

I'm sure I will be able to explain all of this much more clearly after we hear it from the doctor himself Friday.

Tanner checks all of your comments daily and it touches him to know that so many people he doesn't even know are thinking about him and care about what he is going through.

He told me yesterday when all of this is over, he wants to go on a cruise. I told him when he gets well, maybe I can take him as my guest on one of our future PIE trips and he can meet many of you personally. That will give him something to look forward to as he's traveling down this journey we are on.


  1. Bruce, I haven't met you yet but I thank the Lord for sending you our way. Thank you so much for all you have done and are doing. And all the others who have given so much. This granny is very grateful for all the many many blessings bestowed upon our family. And Tanner, I haven't been on a cruise yet either - sounds like a great family/friend thing to do. Maybe when Trevor can join us would be a good time??? I will be seeing you soon. I want to be there with you all but know that my time will be needed later. My love to all of you. With Faith, Hope and Love, Granny and Jerry

  2. I talked to one of the h.o.dr's I work with and he said that the place ur at is excellent not that u didnt already know that.(I believe ur at the univ of arkansa) and that since Tanner has an adult disease he should be seen by an adult h.o. dr., he was positive in that younger pts that have M.M. do better with treatment (because they are able to tollerate the treatments better) and therefor have better outcomes. :) but if you should want to relocate later to this area I have gotten two doctors names that are supose to be excellent. Is Trevor a match? has he been tested yet there is a one in four chance. I will keep my fingers crossed. I have skype I want to skype with ya'll! Can we all go on a cruise? Me too? please keep me posted as to what his treatment will be. Much love julie

  3. Nothing constructive to add here today except that it's no surprise whatsoever that Bruce and Pat are looking out for you all. I've had little need for them compared to this Angie but they ALWAYS come through for me too. We couldn't have better people to be working with. You're blessed and fortunate to have them watching out for you. I feel the same way myself. May God bless you, Tanner, and the whole family!