Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We are in the middle of our second day of testing and had a break to come back to the hotel so Tanner could take a shower. He said these one legged showers are exhausting!

He was worn out from the long day yesterday and could hardley keep his eyes open when we got back to the hotel. We attended a new patient orientation that was actually quite encouraging. They showed a slide of someone who had multiple myeloma in most of the bones throughout the body - to the point you would think it would be hopeless - and then they showed a slide of him after two weeks of treatment and nearly all of the myeloma was gone. That made me feel much better because I was worried about Tanner having lesions in multiple areas.

They did a PET scan this morning with dye which is attracted to areas of cancer and will "light up" on the films. We will go back this afternoon and do a full body MRI. He's hoping for a break in all of the tests so we can do some sightseeing in Arkansas.
Through this all, he has kept up his spirit and he's the one who is keeping me strong!

I want to thank you all for your comments. It's something to look forward to every day when i I log on and it helps to know how much everyone cares.

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  1. There are a lot of people inquiring and praying for you all everyday. I love it that Tanner is keeping his Spirits HIGH!!!! I always knew he is a strong dude. Takes after his Big Pa there. Peace and Love, Jane