Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's 5:00 a.m. and I just can't sleep. I know we have a long trip today and I was hoping to get in a full eight hours of rest --- but I just can't sleep. We are going this morning to tell my 21 year old son Trevor about the diagnosis and Tanner told me he wants to tell him himself. After our family meeting, we will get on the road to Arkansas. I know it will be an emotional time before we start our trip today.

Many of our family and friends have come over this weekend and brought plenty of snacks, books, and other essentials for us to take with us - and Kelsey's (Trevor's girlfriend) parents gave us three nights at a hotel near the hospital. I can't even begin to tell you what my family at the PIE office here in Fort Worth have done for us already as we start this journey. There are no words adequate to express our appreciation for all the love and support we have been receiving. We have been blessed with the best of family and friends.


  1. Dear Angie and Tanner,
    Sleep when you can and we appreciate you keeping us updated when you can't. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during your journey. Be strong and know that you have a wonderful family support group.
    Gil, Pam and Haydn

  2. I was saddened to learn of Tanner's condition ... I had no idea. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Hi Tanner:
    Trixie did wonderful this morning. She is a very sweet dog and we are taking very good care of her. She just loves Carla and gave her lots of kisses. Tomorrow morning she will get dressed up and Carla is going to take a picture of her for you. The doctors are all helping to find a wonderful home for her. They are going to send an e-mail and call all of their current clients that have the same kind of dog, so she will most likely be placed with a family and soon have a best friend to play with. I'll be sure and keep you updated.

  4. Angie..I pray Christ gives you strength daily to walk this journey, you're not alone. Jan and I will check the blog daily and pray. All our love n hugs to you and Tanner.
    Coach and BJ

  5. Angie and Tanner, I'm here for you both if you need anything. I know what your going through and it's very hard. Hang in there and have faith.
    I love you both,