Saturday, July 25, 2009

We went to Cook Children's Hospital today for an MRI of Tanner's hip and pelvis area. The largest spot that the doctors have found in Tanner's bones so far is in the bone below his right hip. This is bad because myeloma in the shin of the other leg caused it to fracture resulting in surgery and the fact that he is in a full leg cast. Now he has to be careful that he doesn't fracture the "good" leg in the hip area. The surgeon requested an MRI so that she can see the extent of the myeloma in that area. We've gotten a wheelchair for use when Tanner has to make any extended walks to lessen the chance of any further fractures. He's been in good spirits today and he and his cousin Jesse actually pulled out the hair color (temporary - thank goodness) and fixed up his mohawk!

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  1. Ang & Tanner,
    I have already added your family to our church's prayer list, and we will continue to pray with you and for you and help you in any way we can on this "journey." I'm glad you're continuing to keep us informed through this blog. Currently, we're praying for the "good" leg to stay strong, successful treatments, God's healing hands, doctor's wisdom, and spirits to stay "up." God Bless. Love, Barb Fozard