Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Return to "Normal"

Beth came in for a half marathon in Dallas this weekend and surprised me at my birthday dinner last week. I was in such shock!I knew she was coming for the marathon, but had no idea she would be here in time to surprise me for my birthday! It's been a wonderful weekend spent with her and the family!

We took the kids to the Zoo on Saturday (the first time I've truly felt 50), had pasta at her dad's place Saturday night - and then Sunday I cooked dinner and Tanner had a chance to come spend some time with her.  All in all it was a truly wonderful time!

Tanner said that the pain in his back is continuing to get worse and the pain patches don't seem to be helping very much at all. He's called Dr. Berryman's office in Dallas several times and no one has called him back. I'm going to call today and see what I can do. We need to find out if they can adjust his pain medications - and I also need to see if they found out if Tanner and Trevor are stem cell matches.

I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed in Texas Oncology so far. Their care just doesn't seem to be on par to MIRT in Little Rock.  Tanner and I discussed that maybe we SHOULD have moved to Arkansas, or maybe we're both just a little frustrated right now...

My ultrasound came back normal so all's good on that front. I head to the doctor this afternoon and we'll continue to work some of my issues out, but at least we know there's nothing major going on as far as my health right now. I need to make my fifties be all they can be!

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  1. It is important that the medical team is responsive to calls for help or answers to questions. Young men are less inclined to push adults (in whatever profession) for answers, but now that you are 50, you can join the rest of us in being Pushy... LOL!