Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Surgery

Tanner heads back to TCC in the morning to meet his granny and they are going to talk with the counselors and get things ready for him to start school in September. He’s already completed his FAFSA paperwork so now they can get started looking into grants and assistance.

We are so excited that he’s finally reached a point that he’s ready to move on to this next phase of his life. Tanner… College!! Future independence…

Thursday is surgery day again. They are going to go ahead and put the rod in his left broken tibia. Tanner is quite excited since this means he can get rid of the leg brace immediately after surgery. Just think, two years in either a full leg cast or brace! He just wants to feel confident in the strength of his legs and not be in constant worry about them breaking.

He’s working with me at the office this Monday putting labels on some of our newsletters. Between staying with Granny Jane for a couple of weeks taking care of business and coming to work with me, he’s getting a taste of what it’s like to have to be up and focused for hours at a time. It’s been over a year since he finished his home schooling so now he’s going to have to get used to having a daily schedule once again.

I’ve never heard back from Bonnie at MIRT since I emailed her about our concerns in regards to moving to Arkansas. August would be when we are supposed to head back up there for a follow up appointment, so I guess it’s time for me to bite the bullet and go ahead and contact Dr. Barlogie directly and let him know what has been going on. Heaven knows what his reaction will be. .. I guess we’ll soon see.

Hopefully, this surgery goes as well as the last surgery did and Tanner will be well on his way to a more normal teenage existence.

He and I both know that college won’t be easy, but he’s ready to face a new challenge. He faced cancer and look how that’s turned out… Yes, there were plenty of bad days – and yes, he made some mistakes while trying to get back to his life, but here he is… ready to move on.

If he applies himself to school with as much courage and determination as he did his treatment, he should do just fine.

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