Friday, July 15, 2011

Internal Brace

Tanner had surgery yesterday to place the rod in his left tibia and everything went off without a hitch.  The surgeon said he had to make an extra incision on top of the leg because of the bone graft that was performed two years ago but that the rod went into place without too many difficulties.

The pain seems to be a little more intense than when they put the rod in the hip but, all in all, Tanner has been in good spirits since we made it to his hospital room.  I can vouch for the fact that his appetite hasn't been effected at all.  He had part of a turkey sandwich, half of a club panini, roast, broccoli, potatoes, and spice cake between the time he made it to his room around 4 p.m. yesterday and bedtime last night!

The nurse practitioner came by this morning and has already written orders that he can go home today as soon as physical therapy comes by and gets him out of bed to walk.  She said he can put as much weight on the leg as he can bear and that he doesn't have to wear the leg brace anymore!  He has an internal brace now!!

Once we get through these initial few days of the worst of the pain, he should be set to get on with his life!! 

College starts August 29th!!

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  1. Angie: So thankful that surgery went well, and that Tanner will no longer have to wear the "outside" brace!!

    And, so happy that he can start college....and get going with life. What a super young man!!

    Hugs to you