Sunday, January 9, 2011

A fresh start

Well it's cold and raining and starting to snow so I think it's going to be a day to just hole up in my room reading and maybe watch a movie or two.

Tanner and I had a long talk this morning and I think we have just about decided to go ahead and get some of the work done around the house and put it up for sale here in the very near future.  I think we are both ready for a fresh new start.

Sometimes you have to make a move, get away from the people around you, go somewhere new and just start over.  I think that's where Tanner is, and in a way, I think maybe that's where I'm at too. 

I was thinking about a small apartment on the other side of town maybe near Aledo or Saginaw - but Tanner was asking about heading up to Montana.  He said he thinks we would both benefit from a complete fresh start somewhere new.  Beth has mentioned that she could probably help me get a job in the lab where she works, and we really don't have much family left here in the Fort Worth area, but I don't know about going all the way off to Montana.  It's cold and snowey - and how would we get back to Arkansas every four months to see Dr. Barlogie (Jane said maybe I could get a job at MIRT and we could move to Arkansas)? 

I'm thinking maybe we should just start with the small apartment on the other side of town.

I can tell that he is really serious about making some changes to his life - and I've come to realize it's time for me to make some changes too.  It's not all going to be easy, but something has to be done to get us headed in a new, positive, and healthy direction.  Both of us....

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