Friday, September 10, 2010


Tanner went to the doctor alone today and they decided to do x-rays. It seems that he is having some pain in the right femur (where the largest lesion is) and his left shoulder. I was with him when he talked to the doctor about the fact that he was having occassional pain in the right femur a couple of weeks ago and they thought it was probably because of the bone strengtheners (which cause the bones to ache) and the fact that he's up and around and acutally walking (with the crutches, but actually walking instead of just swinging along).

He texted me all of this at the end of the appointment today and, to tell the truth, it kind of scared me. You know me, I think I should always be there if they are going to have to do any tests or anything on Tanner.

His appointment was at 12:30 and he ended up being there until after 4:30 p.m. - which meant he drove home in the 5:00 traffic! He said they told him that they won't have the results until Monday. I asked him about the left shoulder (since he's never told me that it hurts) and he said it's been hurting since last weekend. He thinks he might have just pulled a muscle or something but he's careful to tell the doctors whenever any pains occur - which I think is a very good thing.

Painting Justin boots for cancer auction
He is going out with another new girl. Well, actually she's not new. She's been a friend of Tanners for a long time and now they are dating. If I didn't think I saw much of him before, I hardly ever see him now!

We head back to Arkansas at the end of the month so I'm already beginning to feel the tension build. It's that "AR" tension...

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  1. By the way Angie, on the off chance you didn't know, every state has an Insurance Commissioner. If you haven't been in contact with them you might try opening yet another dialog on all of these insurance issues. Its possible you have already and I just haven't recognized it in your descriptions. Always thinking of you and your family and hoping these bureaucratic headaches ease somehow. Best, Lori