Friday, May 4, 2012

Compression Fracture

I took Tanner to see Dr. Berryman in Dallas on Wednesday and we got the results of his MRI. 

He has a compression fracture of one of his vertebrae with 10% height loss. 
Dr. Berryman said that he’s sure it’s contributing to Tanner’s pain, but that he doesn’t think surgical correction will be necessary.  He also said that because the pain Tanner feels in his back isn’t limited to strictly the spine area, he doesn’t think the pain is caused entirely by the fracture.

He’s recommended that Tanner see another Orthopedic Surgeon, Devish Ramnath, in Dallas to get his opinion for treatment – and thinks that, possibly, some nerve stimulation, back exercises, and physical therapy could be beneficial.  I’ve left a message for Dr. Ramnath and, hopefully, we will be able to get Tanner in to see him in the near future.

We went today to Dr. Asad Dean’s office and his PA, Mark Davis, was asking about the MRI.   He seems to feel that the majority of the pain Tanner is experiencing in his back is most likely caused by all the chemo medications and explained that Velcade causes muscle damage (which Tan has been on for almost three years now).

Tanner has shown so much patience through all these years of treatment, but you can tell, sometimes, that this persistent pain is wearing on him – as are all of these treatments – and he starts to lose some of that patience. 

I texted my boss this morning to tell him we were running late at the doctor’s office, and he replied that we have “been on this journey for such a long time”.  My response was that this was what Tanner was going to have to deal with for the rest of his life.  Thankfully, all of this treatment has kept him in remission for 2-1/2 years… but eventually, all of these drugs start to catch up with your body.  None of this has been easy…

On a personal note, I started yoga a month ago and have been meeting my friend, Donna, in Burleson on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  It has been wonderful!  My body and mind feel so much better!! 

The stress builds and builds and manifests itself in my muscles and after an hour of yoga, I can feel the difference in the tension in my body.  I’m learning to relax and stretch all areas of my body… and also my mind. 

These last few years I’ve allowed myself to stress and become absolutely miserable over things I have NO CONTROL of…  I’m learning to let go and live in the moment… and I’ve had good moments this week.  That’s a start…

He who has a why can endure any how…
Friedrich Nietzsche


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