Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another bump in the road

Well, the insurance person emailed me from MIRT this morning that all of Tanner's tests scheduled for this week have been declined by the insurance.

I've emailed Bonnie to ask if we can't just have Tanner's tests done in Fort Worth and have the results sent to Dr. Barlogie.  I told her I would pay for the consultation with Dr. B so that we can receive his recommendations for the next phase of treatment if we can just get these tests all taken care of.

She emailed back and said they are working to find out why insurance will pay for the tests in Texas but not in Arkansas when they have signed up for Texas Medicaid at UAMS.  She said the cost will be the same whether they are performed in Texas or Arkansas and will be no different in regards to the insurance.

At this point, they are calling a Director at Texas Medicaid to see what can be worked out, in the meantime, Tanner's tests have, once again, been cancelled.

I told her we are going on three weeks now that Tanner has been without treatment.  She copied me on her reply to the people in her insurance office stating that this needs to be taken care of quickly and Tanner be brought back to MIRT as soon as possible.

So, once again, we are on a holding pattern while they are sorting out insurance issues.

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