Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still working on Insurance

There's not a whole lot to post right now.

We are still in a "holding" pattern while the insurance people at MIRT are working to get everyone at UAMS that needs to be enrolled in Texas Medicaid.

I was told by UAMS that Tanner will need to have a Medicaid referral before we come back to Arkansas and that it was a "timely process" so I called his PCP's office today and talked to the lady in their insurance office about obtaining one. 

She said in Texas you don't have to have a referral for Medicaid and that she doesn't know how you go about doing one and that Tanner will need to call Customer Service and ask them who she would need to call and how she would go about requesting such a referral.

Now, back when I worked for Dr. Miles and filed insurance for his patients, I would have made those calls myself - but they want Tanner to call for them to get instructions. I'll have to be around when he makes the call so that he can give them authorization to talk to me because he won't have any idea what to ask and most likely won't understand their instructions.

They must have had lots of ice in Little Rock also last week because Sandra Wilson in the MIRT insurance department called me last Friday and told me she was just now starting the process of signing everyone up for Medicaid because they had been frozen in.  Tanner hasn't had maintenance chemo for over a week now.

Monday, Bonnie (Dr. Barlogie's Assistant) emailed everyone and asked what the status was because, she said, "this kid needs to get up here as soon as possible".  Hopefully this all won't take too much longer.

I'm just ready to find out what the next phase is so that Tanner can start to move on with his life.  He can't keep living in this holding pattern of waiting to see if he's going to have to have surgery on his leg or not.

A bit of good news, though, the Make A Wish Foundation called me and he has been granted his wish to go to Hawaii.  They will be sending us to Uahu, (she said that's where they send everyone who "wishes" for Hawaii) for a week some time this summer.  They've given me possible dates in May, June, or July and will let me know when the exact date is all finalized.

He's quite excited!!

We loved with a love that was more than love...  Edgar Allan Poe

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