Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad days

I'm sorry for the delay - once again - in posting.

Tanner hasn't been feeling very well. In one week he's lost six pounds.  The doctors want him to start taking his stomach medicine every day instead of waiting until he has a problem with nausea.

He said that for about three days, he hasn't been able to eat anything except bread. Since he's started the nausea and stomach acid medicine every day, things seems to have gotten a little better and he's eating better.

I received another letter from the insurance company stating that since the error they made in paying for Tanner's maintenance chemo treatments in Fort Worth since December is their fault, they wouldn't ask for their money back.

It's so sad, I have to laugh or I couldn't stop crying.

I'm really having a lot of personal problems with some of the people in my life whom I thought I was closest to and it's hard for me to just go on right now.

I'm sorry if the blog isn't more informative. I just don't have it in me right now.